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Masterminding synergetic manifestations
Branding is more than a name and a logo. Branding must be a strategic investment in generating positioning, perception building and positive customer experiences. Each manifestation, eg: products/ services, environments and communications, must that add up to more than the sum of their parts.


Brand Audit   Evaluating current performance in building brand equity.
The audit can establish current practice and performance in:
- forming the vision and values that underpin the brand;
- positioning products and services for competitive advantage;
- building brand value at each phase of customer experience;
- integrating brand strategy with organisational strategy;
- developing resources to generate brand leadership.


Brand Manifesto   Building the generator of outstanding ‘manifestations’.
Involves creating an underlying brand philosophy and management process capable of generating competitive advantage including:
- clear core values;
- aligned vision, direction and action;
- enhanced perceived value of products and services.


Brand Manifestation   Creating outstanding ‘manifestations’ of the brand.
Involves designing specific manifestations of the brand, eg:
- verbal and visual identity;
- products, services and customer experiences;
- operational environments (internal and external);
- visual and verbal communications (internal and external);
that build perceived value and create competitive advantage.


Brand Tactics   A brand-driven, opportunity-specific creative response.
When unforeseen, and even unwanted, circumstances show up Brand Tactics can address the issues as opportunities for brand building.


Cross-cultural consultation   Honouring and valuing cultural heritage.
Sometimes the values and value of contemporary cultural identity and expression becomes relevant in product/service development and branding. CREATIONZ is able to draw on knowledge, experience and networks to move beyond 'treading on eggshells' while avoiding blundering in with hobnail boots.