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Devising differentiated direction
Undertaking design on a project by project basis is unlikely to result in sustained competitive advantage. Investment in a design strategy can ensure that each design project and its ongoing implementation will contribute to design-led growth - by employing design as the driver.


Design Audit Evaluating current performance in fulfilling design-led potential.
The audit can establish current practice and performance in:
- forming the vision and values that drive the organisation
- creating competitive advantage in products and services;
- building valued brands and differentiated product/services;
- integrating design with strategic direction;
- developing resources to generate leadership by design.


Design Manifesto A strategy to create outstanding ‘manifestations’ of the organisation.
This involves working with stakeholders to create a generic design philosophy, processes and resources capable of creating synergetic:
- products, services and experiences;
- production and presentation environments;
- visual communications including branding;
that build brand value and create competitive advantage.


Brand Strategy Projecting core values and perceived value through brand collateral.
If required the Design Stratgey can be re-framed, and maybe extended, as a Brand Strategy. For a detailed description of the CREATIONZ approach go to the Brand Strategy page.


Designed Manifesto Creating a design-driven organisation to fulfil its potential.
This innovative process uses design process to create organisational strategy. The Designed Manifesto creates a strong and continuously reinforcing platform for design-driven organisational development and performance generating valued ‘manifestations’. Using both the Metaphoric Approach and the Rational Approach enables both right and left brain thinking to be included.


Design Tactics A design-driven, opportunity-specific creative response.
When opportunities show up through availability of new technology, resources and/or openings in the market a number of approaches can be taken to analysis and synthesis. Design Tactics bring a creative dimension to the project so that, as well as matching resources to market needs/wants, possibilities not yet envisioned by the market are identified and devised.


Cross-cultural consultation

Honouring and valuing cultural heritage.
Sometimes the values and value of contemporary cultural identity and expression becomes relevant in product/service development and branding. CREATIONZ is able to draw on knowledge, experience and networks to move beyond 'treading on eggshells' while avoiding blundering in with hobnail boots.