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Academic research and writing 2004 Modernist to Mod: New Zealand industrial design in the context of ‘me-too’ non-conformity in a protected economy with a proactive designscapepaper to The Seventies in New Zealand: A Decade of Change conference at Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
2004 Design, Discovery and the Dissatisfaction Driver: digging beneath the tool-making animalpaper to the 4th International Conference on Design History & Design Issues, Guadalajara, Mexico
2002 Defining Design Thinking: The Distinguishing Factor in the Design Managers’ Approach to Strategypaper to the DMI International Academic Forum, Boston
2000 The Case For a Design(ed) Manifesto a working paper to a tutorial at the DMI International Academic Forum, Frankfurt. Also to British Design Council staff, London.
1999 Manifesting Ourselves in the Face of Globalism – delegate’s paper to Sydney Design ’99 Conference (short version published in PRODESiGN)

Commissioned research and writing 2004 Enabling Environmentally Effective Product Design – Phase One: Drivers, Deeds and Directions in New Zealand Industry and Tertiary Education – scoping study for Ministry for the Environment

Better by Design website 2005 The Creative Continuum: tracing the trajectory of New Zealand design – six part series beginning April documenting New Zealand product and communication design heritage

URBIS Design Annual 2005 Taylor Made – interview with Richard Taylor, Weta Workshops, winner of John Britten award
2005 Original’s In – opinion piece based on Rod Oram seminar and reflecting on some 2004 events
2004 Peter Haythornthwaite design champion – the life and work that earned the John Britten Award
2003 Horizontally Dissatisfied – overview of design initiatives

PRODESiGN Apr 2005 Frank Shacklock – obituary documenting the contribution of this Fisher and Paykel design engineer
Feb 2005 Taylored Teamwork – Richard Taylor, Weta Workshops, interview focussed on design management
Apr 2004 Nicks With a Knack – re Nick Paterson and Nick Jinkinson of Studio Platform, young UK designers
Feb 2004 James Coe – obituary used as an opportunity to record important New Zealand design history
Feb 2003 Keverne Trevelyan – obituary focusing on Keverne’s role with the NZ Industrial Design Council Workshops, winner of John Britten award
Oct 2003 Beginning with the Finnish – re design/business forum related to Finnish Design exhibition
Nov 2002 Oct-Nov ’95 – Aug-Sept ‘96 – reflections for the 10th anniversary issue
Apr 2002 Sensitive Reflections – obituary and record of Charles Marks’ contribution to NZ design
Feb 2002 Mäori Make Their Mark – re new mark identifying authenticity and quality in Mäori art
Dec 2001 Values, Value and Trade Marks – re a new Trade Marks bill before parliament
Dec 2000 All Together Now - DIFFERENTIATE - re issues raised in Jack Trout’s ‘Differentiate or Die’
Aug 2000 The EDIFICATION of New Zealand Designers - re Ed Zagorski’s contribution
Apr 2000 BRAND on the Run - re the branding of the Sydney 2000 Olympics
Apr 2000 Win-shift to TEAM - re Team New Zealand design process that won then retained the Americas Cup
Dec 1999 Viewpoints in Retrospect - random reflections on the Sydney Design 99 conference
Oct 1999 Making a Creative Economy – creating innovation as a core component of kiwi culture
Aug 1997 Coe-gent Contributor - profile of James Coe on the occassion of his being awarded the John Britten Award
Dec 1996 Carsonogenic Communications - re David Carson's work and his visit to Auckland
Feb 1996 Going for "The Best" - Peter Tasker's experiences with CAD, and award winning industrial design
Apr 1995 Copy Cat You Dirty Rat - about plagiarised product design being offered by NZ retailers
Feb 1995 Distressed Typophiles - re contemporary directions in typography
Dec 1994 Hard Data Soft Sell - a survey of Annual Report design
Oct 1994 The Convictions of Ken Cato - a profile of Ken Cato
Aug 1994 Plastic Fantastic – Peter Tasker injects fun into function
Jun 1994 Polyversity at the Education Hypermarket - reviewing some tertiary branding
Feb 1994 Empowerment Ownership & Modern Myth Making - client participation in design
Feb 1994 How to Handle a Disappearing Door - product design case study
Apr 1993 Losing the Plot The New Zealand Way - critique of a new NZ brand/quality mark
Dec 1992 A Dialogue with Diffrient - conversation with 'elder statesman' designer Niels Diffrient on the occassion of his visit to NZ

LISTENER magazine 21 Feb 2004 Return of the Flutter Bug – re design of the New Zealand flag, p. 28

NEW ZEALAND HERALD ‘Dialogue’ (now ‘Perspectives’) 30 April 2003 For hospital it’s all a matter of design – re issues underlying the Starship naming, p. A17
6 March 2003 Failure can be seed of success – re learning from Team New Zealand’s experience, p. A17
20 Sept 2002 BlackHeart a Bold Branding Blunder – re a flawed campaign to support TNZ, p. A19
28 July 2002 Imitation is for Also-rans – re One World copying Team New Zealand, p. A15
14 Feb 2002 A Sensible and Positive Investment in the Future – re Maori Made Mark, p. A13
13 Dec 2001 Maori TV Has Great Deal to Offer Society's Growth – re Maori TV, p. A13
23 Feb 2001 Only Way Up is to Release Our Repressed Potential – Common Core Debate, p. A13
10 Oct 2000 Key to Excellence Lies in Our Uniqueness as Kiwis – re design-led growth, p. A13

CRAFT NEW ZEALAND 1992-93 Wrote a range of articles including surveys of graduate student shows and reviews of craft shows and conferences.

Design Counsel column for
Apr 1991 From Reaction to Creation – reflections on black holes, bum booting and the pathology of progress
Jun 1990 Art Attacks and Cheap Shots – responding to media stories about public money spent on art
Apr 1990 Defining the Design of Delight – the shift in self-awareness caused by 1990 and where to go next
Dec 1989 Flagging Spirits – a rigorous counselling session for an adolescent, depressed New Zealand
Aug 1989 Brief Writing – how to effectively brief a designer
Jun 1989 Match Making – exploring alternative ways to find your designer
Apr 1989 Design Definitions – defining design in relation to art and craft

DESIGNSCAPE 117 - Sep 1979 Exporting Excellence – paper to an Export Services seminar: Is Your Product Ready for Export?
88 - Feb 1977 The ROOD Column: reflections of one designer – also in Nos 89 and 90.
77 - Feb 1976 Don’t Knock It (it might fall off) – about the ALAAP (a lick and a promise) assembly technique
69 - May 1975 Inside Milne’s – photographic essay/evaluation of the new Milne’s Downtown store
64 - Nov 1974 Saving the Golden Oldies – reviewing the fate of Auckland’s old buildings
57 - Apr 1974 A Mercedes for Everyone – a critical evaluation of the design of ARA bus interiors and livery
55 - Feb 1974 We’re Terribly House and Garden – commenting on women’s magazines’ treatment of design
33 - Feb 1972 New Zealand Style: Is it a Myth? – used as the basis of a panel discussion Five Characters in Search of a Style – in which James Coe, Mike Nicolaidi, Ian Athfield, Dr W B Such and Roy Cowan responded to the Smythe article