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developing/applying the design drivers
Design managers are to project managers what movie directors are to movie producers. Directors coordinate the creative team to deliver an outcome that resonates beyond the sum of its parts. CREATIONZ prefers the term design direction to design management. As well as distinguishing the discipline it suggests that the role is more visionary and impacts the trajectory of an organisation.

Macro Design Direction #1 Organisational Strategy
– creating a design-driven organisation to fulfil its potential.
Uses design process to create organisational strategy. Creates a strong and continuously reinforcing platform for design-driven organisational development and performance – with outcomes evaluated as ‘manifestations’.

Macro Design Direction #2 Design Strategy
– creating outstanding ‘manifestations’ of the organisation.
This process produces a basis for creating synergetic:
- products and services;
- production and presentation environments;
- visual communications including branding.

Micro Design Direction Design Management
– project-specific team leadership.
Applies the disciplines of design process in such a way that each project participant is aligned to the task. Using well defined rational and emotive checklists as safety nets enables courageous leaps of creativity and conceptual breakthroughs. The CREATIONZ Toolkit for the creative workshop is used as a resource.

Cross-cultural consultation Honouring and valuing cultural heritage.
Sometimes the values and value of contemporary cultural identity and expression becomes relevant in product/service development and branding. CREATIONZ is able to draw on knowledge, experience and networks to move beyond 'treading on eggshells' while avoiding blundering in with hobnail boots.